West Third Street Infrastracture Project: April 1 through May 20

Posted on March 27th, 2020

The West Third Street Infrastructure project is scheduled to begin soon. Below are some answers to residents questions and concerns about the project. This post will be updated as we receive more questions and answers, but the City is providing you with information as soon as possible because the work is scheduled to start soon. Please see the work schedule on the back of this sheet. We will continue to review any questions or concerns.

1. The Contractor performing this work is Spierling Excavating, an Emmet County company.

2. Covid-19 concerns:

a. Any Spierling employee that demonstrates illness (high fevers, coughing, etc.) is asked to stay home. It is not mandatory for employees to work at this time.
b. A minimal crew will be kept at each job site.
c. Workers will arrive in separate vehicles.
d. Workers will maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from each other and limit contact with the public.
e. To deter employees from congregating in any one space, there will be no job trailer on site.
f. Lunches and breaks may be taken inside each employee’s assigned vehicle.
g. Trucks and equipment will be properly cleaned and sanitized on the inside after each shift and before each job.

3. The project will commence on April 1 and should be completed by May 20.

4. The road will be closed to thru traffic during the duration of the project.

5. The road will be open to residents on the street as needed during the day and during the night.

6. Where irrigation systems are present, efforts will be made to salvage as much of them as possible. In areas where the green belt will be shrunk because of street widening, some portions may have to be removed. We will cut and cap these portions and repair them with existing parts as can be reasonable accomplished. Because the greenbelts will be changed, those portions may have to be adjusted by the owners of the system if complete coverage is not obtained.

7. Any trees that die within three years of the project will be replaced by the City. The contractors will do their best to limit damage to trees and tree roots.

8. The police will not be enforcing overnight parking in the area for the duration of the project. You may park your vehicles on Church Street and periodically move them.

9. There may be momentary interruptions in water service. Those interruptions should only last a few hours.

10. Existing recessed curbs will be maintained to allow for a future apron.