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Police Services

The Harbor Springs Police Department provides a variety of services to our community. Our objective is to keep Harbor Springs a community where people feel safe and are safe in their homes, at work, at school, while shopping or using our recreational facilities. We provide service to residents and visitors within the city limits. Unfortunately we cannot provide service outside the city limits except in an emergency or when we are asked to assist the State Police or the Emmet County Sheriff. The services we do provide include the following:

Uniform Patrol

This is our most visible service. It is an officer in a car, on bike or on foot. Our purpose is to be seen and provide a deterrence to criminal activity, respond to calls for assistance, enforce the traffic laws to include parking and investigate violations of state and local law.

Marine Patrol

We have a 21 foot Tiara in the water from May through October. Our primary purpose is to keep the waters of the harbor safe for the ever increasing number of people who use the water. We enforce state law as well as local ordinances, such as no wake zones. We are a backup to the Coast Guard and the Emmet County Sheriff in the event of an emergency on Little Traverse Bay. Officer Matt Pater is responsible for coordinating our Marine efforts.

School Liaison

While we do not have a formal school liaison program, we have an excellent relationship with all our schools. Officers make daily visits to the schools. We provide safety programs to the early elementary students, as well as the DARE program to 5th grade students. We work closely with the faculty and staff of the Middle and High Schools to provide a safe environment.

Dark House

If you are going to be away from home or from your business, and would like us to check it periodically, you may call us or click here to provide us with the information we need to contact you in an emergency.


To be effective, HSPD needs your cooperation. If you see something that appears to be suspicious, please feel free to call us. We would rather check and find out that nothing is wrong than later find that something did happen that might have been prevented. If you would prefer to contact us online please click here. You may ask us a question or provide us with information to help us keep Harbor Springs safe.

Vehicle Unlocks

If you happen to lock your keys in your car, we will attempt to unlock your car for you. We do carry tools that enable us to help most people. As locks get more sophisticated and air bags are located next to locks, our success rate diminishes. If we are unsuccessful we will call a service for you.