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Snowmobile Operation

Operating a snowmobile in the City limits is prohibited with the following exceptions:

  • Snowmobiles may enter the City limits from Hoyt St. and continue south across M-119 to Bay St.  Snowmobiles may then travel west on Bay St. to the Harbormaster parking lot only.  One area of the lot remains un-plowed and is designated for snowmobiles.  Parking of your snowmobile is this area is permitted only while visiting the downtown area and not intended for long term parking.
  • Snowmobile riders who live in town may ride their snowmobile directly from their residence to the closest point on the Hoyt/Bay St. trail, or to the closest exit point from the City

When operating a snowmobile under the conditions listed above the following regulations apply:

  • speed may not exceed 25 mph in the City limits and,
  • snowmobile operation is prohibited between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

All State of Michigan and Department of Natural Resources regulations apply when operating your snowmobile.

Snowmobile Operation – State of Michigan/DNR Information