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Lost and Found

Frequently property is turned into the Harbor Springs Police Department as found property.  In hope that this property is returned to the rightful owner, here is a list of Found Property.  If you observe an item that you have lost please contact HSPD to claim it.  Be advised you will have to provide a detailed description of the item you would like to claim.

Date Item Description
06/2020 Silver Bike
06/03/2020 Subaru Key with Fob
06/15/2020 Red Bike
07/17/2020 Black/Gold Scooter
07/26/2020 Watch
07/26/2020 Chevrolet Key Fob with Keys
08/08/2020 Two Sets of Miscellaneous Keys
08/08/2020 Car Keys with Fob
08/19/2020 Green Bike
08/22/2020 Purple Bike
09/14/2020 GPS Unit
09/17/2020 Cadillac Key with Fob
10/02/2020 Dark Grey Bike
10/13/2020 Lanyard with Toyota Car Keys
10/22/2020 Wallet
10/28/2020 Toyota Key with Two Fobs
11/27/2020 Chevrolet Key
12/21/2020 Wallet
03/15/2021 Black Bike
03/21/2021 Women’s Diamond Ring