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Donate a tree in Harbor Springs Michigan

Donate-A-Tree Program

Through the Donate-A-Tree Program, the City of Harbor Springs and its volunteer Tree Board are working to restore and enhance the treescape in our public spaces. You can help by considering donating the gift of a tree. The donation can be in your name, honoring a loved ones memory, or in celebration of a milestone event or special occasion.

All Donate-A-Tree gifts will be recognized on a unique plaque in City Hall. Tree donors and honorees will also be prominently recognized in in the Harbor Light Newspaper, bringing attention to these thoughtful gifts to the City. For information and details about the program and how you can donate a tree, please contact the City Manager at 231-526-2104 or by email at

Donate a Tree Application Form

In Memory Tree Donations: 

In Memory of  Michael D. Hill – Nancy & Thomas Cusick
In Memory of daughter Kimberly Livingston and Son Chris Zimmerman –  Sue Livingston & Ronald Zimmerman
In Memory of H. Keith Miller – Phil & Trude Smith, Gale & Anne Stephens, David & Cynthia Lyle
In Honor of Parents Jeffrey & Karen Ford – Merry Christmas 2020 from your children. 
In Memory of H. Keith Miller – Paul & Jackie Keller, Christopher & Barbara Brock
In Memory of Marjorie L. Wilner – Friends of Laura & Andrew Craig
In Memory of Susan Stewart’s Cat “Myrtle” – Dave & Ann Irish
In Memory of James Patrick Clark – Michael & Margie Brochert, Jamie & Mary Kay Martin
In Memory of Retired Police Chief Dean Rye – Wife Jane Rye
In Memory of Jeffrey Kring –  Mom & Dad
In Memory of Jeffrey Kring – Jean & Chip Radle
In Memory of Jeffrey Kring & Family  – Gow Litzenburger
In Memory of Christine Granger –  Harbor Springs Class of 2015  
In Memory of Christine Granger and  Parents Jeff & Lynn Granger – Gow Litzenburger
In Memory of Christine Granger – Parents Jeff & Lynn Granger
In Memory of Chip Drotos – The Richey Family
In Memory of Lucille L. DeYoung – Gale & Anne Stephens
In Memory of Arthur Barnes – Cotton & John Hubard
In Memory of Arthur Barnes – Twink Frey 
In Memory of Sandy Schirmer – Cotton & John Hubard
In Memory of Walter Fisher – Meredith & Hull Quarrier
In Memory of Elsie & Don Isermann and Mary & Warren Von Ehren – Children of Mike & Penny Isermann
In Memory of Mel Johnson, Harbor Springs Class of 1950 – Wife Elaine Johnston. 
In Memory of Donn Vidosh – The Vidosh Family
In Memory of David & Barbara Buzzelli – Ruth Heinz
In Memory of Peter Pursley – The Pursley Family
In Memory of Jack & Nancy Simpson – Corey Cassidy and Dan Carter
In Memory of Al & Frill Winnard – Janet Stuart & Carole Winnard Brumm

In Recognition Tree Donations: 

Paul Tripp – Commitment to the City of Harbor Springs beautification and environmental aesthetics (24 trees)    
Ronald & Lisa Fenech – Commitment to the preservation and  historic aesthetics of West Main Street (25 trees)
Jay & Wendi Farner – Commitment to the beautification of the Harbor Springs area (Vidosh North, LLC)
The Renker Family – Commitment to the beautification of the Harbor Springs area (Vidosh North, LLC)  
The Van Andel Family – Commitment to the beautification of the Harbor Springs area (Vidosh North, LLC)
Jim & Soju Offield – Commitment to the beautification of the Harbor Springs area (Vidosh North, LLC)
Dutch & Leslie Jones – Commitment to the beautification of the Harbor Springs area (Vidosh North, LLC)
Hoerr Schaudt Landscape Architects, in recognition of their commitment to the beautification of the Harbor Springs area – Given by Vidosh North, LLC

In Celebration Tree Donations:

William & Nancy Gurney’s 50th Anniversary – Sponsored by Peter & Sarah Gurney and The Reskevics Family
25th Anniversary of the Community Foundation – Petoskey/Harbor Springs Area Community  Foundation 

The Tree Advisory Board 

The City of Harbor Springs Tree Advisory Board provides guidance on the selection and planting of trees in public places throughout the community. The Board also works to enhance the community by encouraging the proper maintenance, preservation and addition of trees as well as educating the community about the benefits of trees in Harbor Springs.

Tree Board Members:

Nancy Rondel (City Council Member)
Victor Sinadinoski (City Manager)
Becky Roethlisberger – Resident
Karen Strough – Resident  
Dana Mulder (DDA/PSD Board of Directors)
Susan Stewart -Resident

Locations for New Trees: 

Recently, trees have been added at the following locations:

  • North of City Hall and the Police Department
  • In Jean Jardine Park on Zoll Street
  • In Kosequat Park (Hoyt Street)
  • In Zorn Park
  • On State Street – Harbor Springs Middle School
  • Zoll Street Beach

To assist them in considering the best locations for new trees, the Tree Advisory Board would like your suggestions. If you know of a spot that should benefit from a new tree (either along a city street or in another public place), the Board wants to hear from you. Please make your recommendation to the City Manager by phone 231-526-2104 or email.

Report a Diseased or Damaged Tree

If you know of a tree in the public right-of-way that is dead or might be a potential safety concern, please bring it to the attention of Public Works Department Director Lucas VanderZee, 231-526-2091 or email.

Street Trees – Tree Planting by Residents

To promote an even more attractive and healthy community, residents are encouraged to plant trees to enhance their own property as well as the right-of-way area along the City’s streets. Planting a tree adjacent to the street is permitted, but only when it has met the requirements established by the Board and the application has been approved by the City Manager.

To assist with that process, the Street Tree Planting Application helps guide you through the tree selection and permitting process. The application helps you to carefully consider all of the selection criteria and options to ensure that the proposed tree and location are well matched and in the best interest of the public’s safety and welfare. Tree Planting Applications are also available at city hall or by contacting the City Manager.

Street Tree Planting Application