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Zorn Park (City) Beach

The Zorn (City) Beach is located on Bay Street just West of the Central Business District. One of the most popular beaches in the area

Lifeguards are on duty, weather permitting, throughout the summer months.  Please pay close attention to the signs posted at the Zorn Park Beach. Dogs prohibited on the beach. 


  1. Sandy Beach
  2. Swimming platform
  3. Grassy picnic area, including picnic tables
  4. Restrooms (closed seasonally)

Located : On W. Bay St. just to the west of State St. 

Zorn Park

Grassy picnic area across from City Beach, great for picnics and views of the bay


  1. Picnic tables

Located: On W. Bay St. just to the west of State Street, between Bay and Main Streets




Zoll Street Beach ( Pet Friendly)

This small but quaint beach is located on the bay and is a popular beach for dogs.



  1. Small sandy beach and grassy area
  2. Kayak launching
  3. Porta- john
  4. Water spigot and outdoor shower available

Located: On Zoll St. ( City Hall) South of Main Street.




Josephine Ford Park

Busy park , with public boat launches to access Little Traverse Bay.


  1. Boat Launch
  2. Kayak launch and storage
  3. Boat and car parking available
  4. Ferry Dock
  5. Picnic area with picnic tables
  6. BBQ grills
  7. Bathrooms (closed seasonally)

Located: On E. Bay St. between Judd St. and Zoll St. next to Irish Boat Shop


Ottawa Stadium (Tourist ) Park 

This small but quaint park located along M-119 with spectacular views of the bay!



  1. Picnic area with picnic tables
  2. Porta-john

Location: South of M-119 , between Park Ln and Hoyt Streets


Jean Jardine

A grassy undeveloped park great for picnics and playing ball.


  1. Picnic tables
  2. Bathroom available at nearby City Hall

Location: Zoll street, behind City Hall



Shay Park

Small but quaint undeveloped park located in the downtown district, with views of the bay, and a great place to eat lunch.


  1. Picnic tables
  2. Explore the new Aha Exhibit by the Harbor Springs Area Historical Society. Click the link for information on the restoration.

Location: to the East of Judd St. between Main and Bay streets






Deer Park

A fenced in area inhabited by a small herd of whitetail Deer, great for viewing wildlife up close.


  1. Picnic area with picnic tables
  2. Restrooms available at nearby City Hall

Location: 170 Zoll St. behind the police department