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Skateboard Ordinance

A person may ride a skateboard or roller skates on a sidewalk, street or other area that is not restricted as provided in subsection (2) provided such person shall at all times obey all rules otherwise applicable to the operation of bicycles in the City of Harbor Springs.  Participants must yield the right of way to vehicles and pedestrians and shall at all times skate and /or operated such skateboard in a safe and careful manner that shall not threaten or cause injury or damage to persons or property.

(2) A person who is riding on a skateboard or on roller skates (including in-line roller skates/roller-blades) shall not go upon:

(a)  The street or roadway portion of the right-of-way of Highway M-119 as it traverses the City of Harbor Springs; nor upon the sidewalks of Highway M-119 as it traverses the City of Harbor Springs from Gardner Street to Ann Street; nor upon that portion of Judd Street consisting of Judd Hill and the sidewalks of Judd Hill; nor upon any street, sidewalk, roadway, park or other public place within the area described as the Downtown Development district as described in Section 3.701 of this code (excepting from this prohibition the street or roadway portion of Bay Street); and,
(b)  The street or roadway portion of the following streets within the City of Harbor Springs: Lake Street, Park Street, Hoyt Street and State Street. except while crossing such a street at a crosswalk.

(3) A person who violates a rule set forth in this Section 92.204 is responsible for a civil infraction and subject to a penalty of $75 for a first offense, $200 for a second offense and $300 for a third or greater offense, plus court costs.

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Full Skateboard Ordinance

2013 07 15 City of Harbor Springs Ordinance No 386 (adopted) (00011017-3) (3).pdf