Water Customers: Cross Connection Control Inspections

Posted on July 14th, 2020

This is a notice that some Harbor Springs water customers will be receiving a version of the below letter so that we can inspect the City’s water system and ensure it is safe for all users. Please be patient with the City and our contractor as we roll through this process.

Dear Harbor Springs Water Customer:

You are receiving this letter because your participation is required in meeting our Cross Connection Control program, as required of all water systems under Michigan Public Act 399, 1976. The purpose of this program is to identify and eliminate cross connections to the potable water system, preventing contaminants and ensuring that all water customers have safe drinking water.

Harbor Springs has retained CCRA Professional Services to survey the potable piping systems within the buildings. The survey is necessary in order to identify those potable water systems that require installation of a backflow prevention device. Accordingly, we will be surveying your property July 23rd – July 24th, 2020. To help avoid any inconvenience, you can schedule an appointment. If no appointment is made, we will attempt to complete the inspection. Your cooperation in meeting this state mandate is appreciated.

Should you require further information on the Cross-Connection Control Program, or you wish to schedule an appointment to have the survey completed, please contact us at (630) 450-7781.

Wyatt Mach                                  Lucas VanderZee
IT Service/Training                    DPW Director
(630) 450-7781                            City of Harbor Springs
wyatt@ccra4safewater.com      160 Zoll Street
CCRA Professional Services      Harbor Springs, MI 49740