Do Not Knock Registry and Peddler Ordinance

Posted on August 21st, 2019

In order to protect the privacy rights and safety of our residents, the City has created a Do Not Knock Registry. By adding your property to this registry, peddlers (both unlicensed and licensed) will not be permitted to knock on the door of your home in order to sell you goods, materials or services. Licensed peddlers are required to carry their license and a copy of the Do Not Knock Registry while engaged in peddling. Should a peddler knock on the door of a property listed on the registry, he or she will be subject to penalties. (Note: this ordinance does not apply to religious and political speech.)

If you do not want peddlers knocking on your door, then you should either sign up for the Do Not Knock Registry or erect some sort of No Solicitation sign on your door or property. There is no cost for you to add your property to the City’s registry. You simply need to complete and return the Do Not Knock Registry form to City Hall and we will add your property to the registry. Your property will remain on the registry for a period of ten (10) years or upon receiving a signed statement requesting to remove your property from the registry, whichever comes first.

The registry will go into effect starting in September of this year, and you may add or remove your property from the registry at any time.

Do Not Knock Registry Application Form

Peddler and Do Not Knock Ordinance (Adopted by Council on August 19)

The above ordinance on peddling (Ordinance No. 421) will go into effect on September 3.