A Message from the Harbor Springs Crisis Action Team

Posted on March 25th, 2020

To the Harbor Springs Community

One of the many reasons we cherish and value Harbor Springs is because it is a safe place to live and visit. In these early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all need to do our part to keep Harbor Springs as safe as possible. We need to keep ourselves, our neighbors and our community healthy. To that end, the Harbor Springs Crisis Action Team has a few requests:

1. Please fully comply with Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order #2020-21, as well as previous executive orders, accessible at https://www.michigan.gov/whitmer/0,9309,7-387-90499_90705—,00.html. State and regional health officials have determined that following these orders will help ease the burden on our medical facilities and enable our medical professionals to better respond to COVID-19 cases. If our hospitals are overburdened, then many of our family members, friends and neighbors will become seriously ill or die. We all will be impacted by this one way or another.

2. Do not leave your home unless you need some exercise, must stock up on groceries or medicine, have an emergency health issue, or are considered an essential employee for maintaining critical infrastructure. This is not a recommendation: it is an enforceable order.

3. Stay near your home for outdoor exercise. While there are many great parks throughout northern Michigan, we need to minimize travel in order to reduce the risk of exposing yourself or others to COVID-19.

4. Shop local for groceries. If you need food delivered or need someone to pick it up for you, you can contact the Harbor Springs IGA at 231-526-2101. If you need food assistance, please contact the Harbor Springs Community Food Pantry or the area churches.

5. Do not leave your home if you have symptoms of COVID-19 – cough, fever, difficulty breathing, or headache. Contact your healthcare provider as soon as possible for information and advice.

6. If you currently reside downstate or out of state and are contemplating coming up to Harbor Springs, please consider the health implications that your travel may have for yourself and the Harbor Springs community. This atypical influx of visitors in the off-season could potentially put significant strain on the region’s medical professionals and other area resources if the situation drastically worsens. However, if you do come up to Harbor Springs, please self-isolate for a minimum of two weeks upon arrival, even if you are asymptomatic. We are a small community with many elderly individuals –the most vulnerable population – that live here. Please understand that you may be unknowingly exposing them and others to COVID-19. An exponential spread of a disease can be devastating for a small community.

7. Finally, just because you are young, it doesn’t mean you are immune. Young and healthy people are falling ill at similar rates as older people, and many are in serious condition or dying. No matter your age or health, please stay home and stay safe; and if you must be out for any of the allowed reasons, practice social distancing.

Thank you and please stay safe and healthy.

The Harbor Springs Crisis Action Team