West Third Street & Bay Street Construction Schedules

Posted on March 23rd, 2021

To all of our property owners on Bay Street (between Spring Street & Gardner Street) and our property owners on West Third Street (between Traverse Street & Washington Street), please refer to this Post for all information regarding  street construction for the above mentioned streets.  Any updates will be posted at this location as well and will be done so the day the City receives any such updates.  The City strongly encourages property owners to contact either Benchmark Engineering at  (231) 526-2119 or the City DPW Director Lucas VanderZee at (231) 526-0604 or email at water@cityofharborsprings.com for any questions you may have.    Any other question can be directed to City Hall at (231) 526-2104.

West Third Street April – May 2021 Construction Schedule

Bay Street April -May 2021 Construction Schedule


Bay Street & West Third Street Property Owner Correspondence Notification