Net Metering

Posted on June 4th, 2019

The City now allows Harbor Springs Electric customers who have (or want) solar panels, geothermal or other renewable energy generator systems on their properties to connect to the City’s grid. Net metering gives customers the opportunity to offset a substantial portion of the cost of power drawn from the City’s utility. The City is currently only allowing customers to install generating equipment that is not expected to exceed the annual peak demand of the load that the customer is off-setting (averaged over the previous five years), or a total output of 20 kW, whichever is smaller. The customer will be compensated at retail rate for any excess energy generated, which is to be reflected on the next month’s bill. For more information, please contact the City Manager or the Electric Department Superintendent.

All customers seeking to net meter will be required to first consult with the Electric Department Superintendent and complete and sign the Renewable Energy Generator Metering Agreement and Renewable Energy Generator Interconnection Requirements and Application. The program size is currently capped at 4% of the peak load averaged over the previous five years. The City will honor requests for interconnection on a “first come, first-serve” basis.