The City of Harbor Springs Zoning Board of Appeals meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month only if there has been an application for a variance or other actionable item, meetings are at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.


Prior to submitting any application, please contact the City's Assessor & Planning/Zoning Administrator, Jeff Grimm, by phone at (231) 526-2104 or e-mail at


Zoning Board of Appeals Members

     Ann Burrows, Voting Member - Appointed

     Madeline Heinz, Voting Member - Appointed

     Michelle Kruzel, Alternate Voting Member - Appointed

     John Lio, Voting Member - Voting Member - Mayoral Designee, Apointed

     Kristin McDonald, Vice Chairperson, Voting Member - Appointed

     Frederick Simons, Alternate Voting Member - Appointed

     Robert Thoma, Chairman, Voting Member - Appointed

     Jeff Grimm, Administrator, City of Harbor Springs Assessor & Planning/Zoning Administrator