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Harbor Springs, MI 49740

Harbor Conditions


The City of Harbor Springs currently services electricity to over 3,600 residential, commercial and industrial customers, water to over 1,336 customers, and sewer to over 1,078 customers.


To start, stop, change your mailing address, update your contact number, or have questions regarding your bill, please contact Tina Honeysette at 231-526-0602  


The City reads its utility meters on the third week of each month, and bills for utilities on the last week of each month based on actual usage.


The City offers an Automatic Payment Plan through and ACH process. The utility customer still receives a monthly billing so that the amount to be deducted is communicated to the customer. The City also offers an Equal Payment billing. The Equal Payment billing is an amount equal to one eleventh of the estimated annual billing. The twelfth month is a reconciling month which either bills an amount owed from under billing during the year or a credit which is the amount over billed during the year.


Over 10% of the energy provided to City of Harbor Springs Electric customers is generated from renewable sources.  Customers may elect to pay an added charge and receive a higher percentage of power from renewable sources.  To participate in the City’s Voluntary Green Pricing program, click on the appropriate link below:


Residential Customers: http://www.mpower.org/renewable-sign-up?type=RESIDENTIAL&member=HARB


Commercial (Business) Customers: http://www.mpower.org/renewable-sign-up?type=BUSINESS&member=HARB


For questions on the City’s renewable energy offerings, please contact City Manager Tom Richards