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From the daily necessities to the special benefits you want from your community, here’s information about some of the local services you might be looking for.

Leaf and Brush Pickup Service



Spring Leaf & Brush Pickup is from April 4th through May 30th (weather permitting).

Spring Pickup Includes leaves, brush (see below), and yard waste (flowers plants, grass, etc.)

All materials must be placed at curbside, not in the street.  Leaves and yard waste should not be placed in plastic bags.  Each type of material (leaves, brush, and yard waste) must be placed in separate piles.

Limits on brush pickup:  There is a limit of approximately the equivalent of one pick-up truck full of brush (unchipped) per resident/property owner per month.  The brush may not have limbs greater than 3” in diameter.

The City will NOT pick up brush in the following situations:

  • Where the resident/property owner has hired a commercial service to trim trees or bushes or clear brush.  The service provider will be responsible for removal.
  • When trees or bushes or brush are cleared to facilitate a construction project for the resident/property owner, in which case the resident/property owner or contractor will be responsible for removal.
  • When the brush pile exceeds the equivalent of one pick-up truck full (unchipped) the Superintendent of Public Works will notify the resident/property owner that he/she is responsible for removal.

City residents and property owners ONLY may take leaves, grass, and other yard waste generated from locations within the City limits directly to the City’s compost pile at Kiwanis Park any time (please do not leave compost in plastic bags).  We cannot accept brush at Kiwanis Park or any other City location.  Brush is accepted at the Emmet County drop-off center located at 7363 Pleasantview Road.

If you have questions about this service, please call Lucas VanderZee at the Department of Public Works at 231-526-0604.

For complete information click here to view the Spring Leaf & Brush Pickup Program Public Notice, which is also posted at City Hall.


2017 Spring Leaf & Brush Pickup Program

2016 Fall Leaf & Brush Pick-up Program


Your day-to-day recyclables will be collected weekly from your home's curbside.  Your FREE home recycling totes and collection service are paid for by the City of Harbor Springs at no additional cost to you.

Recyclables from homes within the City limits of Harbor Springs are collected every Tuesday.  The service is operated by Emmet County Recycling under contract with the City.  For more information call 231-348-0640.

Do you have something to get rid of? You've come to the right place.The Emmet County Department of Public Works provides options for recycling, composting, or disposing of almost anything. And we constantly strive to make our offerings more comprehensive, environmentally positive, affordable, and convenient.

If you can't find what you're looking for here, call us at (231) 348-0640.

Thanks for your interest in doing the right thing with your discards.


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